Augmented Collaborations

Bridging the physical and the digital through augmented reality.
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Augmented Collaborations

What: The AR/T

At its core, Avatar House is a collaborative brand. Our parent company, Art House, works with NFT-native brands and pre-Web3 brands, using augmented reality to catapult them into the future. We take their assets, typically in the form of still jpegs, bringing them to life with motion and sound. A snapshot in time now becomes a  story that unfolds over time.

Avatar House leverages this technology to bring the biographies of digital collectibles to the surface, through motion & sound. Once static PFPs become dynamic, life-like characters with personalities, stories & journeys... unfolding over time as content drops.

Why: Augmented Utility

Utility is the biggest concept & collector expectation connected to the value of Web3 brands. Essentially, utility means the value that exists beyond the NFTs of digital collectibles. If the NFT is the key to the front door, utility is what exists behind the door. Some forms of utility include members-only events, communication channels, licensing rights, merch drops, etc.

With augmented reality, Avatar House introduces a new form of utility that is both a connection to and extension of the jpeg itself. A digital robot  can now tell stories over time; a basketball player's highlight image now becomes a highlight reel; a musician's song and lyrics now unfold over time.

These exclusive content drops provide the potential for utility, or continuous value, in perpetuity. They can be strictly narrative, early access to actionable information, or a combination.

Importantly, these stories are why the collectibles are collectible in the first place - they foster a storytelling community whereby collectors are not just passive viewers, but rather active participants.

How: Physical-Meets-Digital

The promise of augmented reality, by definition, is to make our physical realities more meaningful with digital layers.  Avatar House leverages this technology to bring collectible characters to life with animations, video, audio, rich text and 360 portals. The result is the transformation of still images into dynamic visual narratives.

Whether the collectibles appear on a screen, card, poster, canvas, billboard, t-shirt, or any other surface, they come to life when activated by the collector's camera (no app required). This bridge between still and motion, between physical and digital, also serves to bridge the world of the creative with the collector.