Augmented Collections

Digital collectibles whose stories unfold through AR content drops.
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Augmented Collections

What: The Future of Storytelling

Avatar House leverages the latest technology to tell stories like never before. The stories of collectibles come to life via augmented reality (AR); their histories are documented and preserved via non-fungible-tokens (NFTs).

So, what does this mean?

Unlock the Stories Beneath the Surface

First, each character in our collections is not just a static image, but has a much more elaborate, dynamic, living biography. The stories just live beneath the surface and are only unlocked via AR.

Point your phone (no app needed) at your collectible character and watch it come to life. This works wherever the image may appear (on your screen, on your tee, on your sticker, on a billboard, etc.).

Swipe to see additional layers of content. Videos, photos, audio, animation, virtual tours...

Your collectible is now a portal into a new narrative world.

Unlock Unfolding Narratives Over Time

The AR of Avatar House not only enables collectibles to contain a range of digital stories, but it also allows for these stories to unfold over time; everlasting stories that continue to live and expand beyond the initial release. Just like the chapters in a book or scenes in a play.

Over time, while the primary static artwork remains constant, the digital layers evolve, to reveal everlasting narratives.

Unlock the History and Tradability of Digital Collectibles

While AR brings collectible characters to life, NFTs then enable their digital records to live forever, on blockchain technology.

Starting with the digital signatures of the artist and brand partners, followed by the digital signatures of collectors, NFTs record the entire transactional trail of the collectibles. This allows for a healthy secondary marketplace to exist. Hold your collectible and follow its  unfolding  journey over time; or, sell your collectible and pass this experiential journey along to a new collector.

Why: YOUtility

Utility is the biggest concept connected to the value of Web3 brands. Essentially, utility means the value that exists beyond the collectible image. If the jpeg is the key to the front door, utility is what exists behind the door. Some forms of utility include members-only events, communication channels, licensing rights, merch drops, etc.

With augmented reality, Avatar House introduces a new form of utility that is both a connection to and extension of the jpeg itself. A digital avatar can now tell stories over time; a basketball player's highlight image now becomes a highlight reel; a musician's song and lyrics now unfold over time.

These content drops of Avatar House collections provide interactive, immersive and continuous value. Importantly, these stories are why the collectibles are collectible in the first place - they foster a storytelling community whereby collectors are not just passive viewers, but rather active participants.

How: Connected Characters in a Cohesive Story

Each Avatar House collection will be composed of individually unique characters. Collectors can then select ones that resonate most with them.

These individual avatars become participants, the cast of characters, in the stories that are about to unfold.

Collectively, they form a community, amplified by the shared interactive narrative experience. Imagine the community commentary on the mornings of new content drops. Solidarity through storytelling.

Collecting from one Avatar House collection will also grant active holders early access to future Avatar House collections. Each collection's community then forms a sub-culture of the entire Avatar House ecosystem.