Enter Avatar House

The keys to Avatar House & augmented reality (AR) digital collectibles are inside.
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Enter Avatar House


Avatar House fulfills the promise, the potential of digital characters; living avatars with unfolding biographies, stories and journeys. We do this through next-generation augmented reality (AR), developed by our parent company, Art House.  Welcome to the world of augmented avatars.

Previously still & static items - profile pictures, artwork, posters, trading cards, streetwear - become dynamic with motion, audio, animation. Audiences simply point their cameras (no app required) at avatars to unlock a world of visual narratives that live beneath the surface. These experiences can also unfold over time; what appears tomorrow may be quite different than today. Get ready for a future of content drops from your favorite brands & artists.


Collectibles adopt so much meaning because of the histories, the stories, the emotions that they represent. The mind's eye of the collector sees a rich, colorful world that evokes a novel set of emotions.

What if collectors could see this world unfold in front of their literal eyes, previously only visible through the mind's eye?

Now they can. Unlimited layers of meaning that live beneath the surface suddenly appear, providing an enhanced, immersive context and connection. The sports card of your favorite athlete comes to life with his classic move; the poster of your favorite band becomes a portal to a never-seen-before studio session; your go-to graphic tee becomes a canvas for content drops; the artwork transforms from a snapshot in time to an unfolding scene. The vibrant brand stories and artist imaginations can now present themselves in full form for a more fulfilling collector experience.

The unfolding, everlasting avatar stories effectively become everlasting utility, one of the biggest expectations of collectors; continuous value that connects to the core brand narrative.  


Avatar House is powered by the next-generation augmented reality of Art House. This proprietary technology offers the best of both worlds: unlimited AR layers delivered in an app-less experience. AR adds layers of new content to the underlying collectibles, which themselves are infused with technology. Verification of rare items, such as artworks and trading cards, proves that the collector holds the authentic version. Each collectible is paired with a token, or NFT, that shows real-time and historical information, such as the artist, the creation date and every subsequent sale / change of ownership. While AR provides the storytelling layer, NFT provides the authentication layer of our digital collectibles.

These are the keys to Avatar House.